Mustang Seats ProtectAll Polish 16 oz Trigger Bottle - 20113

Must Ship Ground. Can Not be shipped internationally or expedited.Protect All is a doitall cleaner that cleans,polishes,waxes,treats and protects all surfaces. Its water repellent carnauba wax formula provides durable protection against all elements. The quality of carnauba wax incorporated into the formula is largely responsible for providing durable protection. Simply spray,wipe and polish dry for a beautiful,durable,lasting shine. Bugs,streaks,dirt,and dust are easily removed. Protect All is nonabrasive and helps protect against damaging oxidation. Protect Alls antistatic property is ideal for treating vinyl to a clean dry natural appearance. It leaves no oily film to attract dust and dirt. With regular use,Protect Alls highly effective UV absorber additive helps to protect by absorbing UV light rays and blocking them from reaching the finish. 16 oz Trigger Bottle.
Price: 14.34